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Our Story: Driver Centric Company

We are a Veteran owned, family run business who deeply cares for our customers and drivers.
We have a combined 100 years in the transportation industry and lead with passion and dedication.
Let our experience help you with your transportation and logistics needs.

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Meet The Owner

Rod started in transportation on January 15th of 1990. He has spent his 30-plus years of experience in a multitude of different positions and departments, starting from supervising a LCL consolidation center to managing, multi-million dollar accounts, for many of the largest companies operating throughout north America. He also spent the last decade doing sales in Mexico and along the US Mexico border. By the time he left Landstar he was responsible for over $500 Million in Automotive and Mexico sales and $250 million in Automotive operations. Rod is married with 2 grown daughters and a grandson.  He enjoys playing golf several times per week. He likes all the characters who have “chosen” this industry and the different types of people you get to meet. 

“Drivers are the best thing about our industry. They are a great group of individuals that keep the country running. Companies need to respect their drivers through their actions and protect them from harm, as best they can. Truck drivers help keep our country running and strong. They are willing to help when our country needs it. They are the best of what America should be.”

Brandon enlisted in the Air Force in October, 1987 and served until January 17th, 1992. He is also a Desert Shield and Desert Storm veteran. He started in transportation in January of 1992, and has 28 years’ experience.  Most of his experience is working in supply chain management, logistics management, international implementation and asset, non-asset business development. He owned his own business for 5 years that specialized in logistics and asset linehaul for the automotive industry. He has been married for 24 years, has 4 children and a grandson.

“We are only successful as the people around us and we take a lot of pride in our employees. We strive for the best in communication and service and this cannot be accomplished without a great team of drivers and office support.” “We are only as good as our last load!”

Mark has been in the industry for about 15 years.  He enjoys talking and meeting new people all the time.  He especially enjoys the challenges of the business and that it’s not the same thing everyday.  Mark ran his own company in the 2000’s and has the perspective of what it takes to survive this industry. He enjoys people and a good challenge. He has a deep love for mother nature, motorcycles, and being outside by the water.  


We can provide innovative solutions.  Accelerated decision making capability that can handle almost any customer’s needs.  We can adjust on the fly and do what the customer needs and expectations.